About Rephy

Rephy is abbreviation of Research & study institute of psychology, science & philosophy. Rephy is established in 1998 in order to do study and find out easiest and finest way to develop human resource. With respect to this development, Rephy has been continuously doing research for many years on how to develop personality and change behaviour by working on thought process. At the same time to develop communication skill and English speaking ability, Rephy has been working on Natural Method of learning English, and has developed “English Mastery Course with Natural Method” for enhancing English speaking ability of people.

Rephy Corporate Training Center

Prof. Naresh Muley has been incorporating the studies and researches which have turned up into a pinnacle of success of changing Mindset and behaviour of people, leading them to improve their academic performance as well as social behavior. Which in result have caused tons of students to get utmost of their performance in their respective academics to get out maximum result by mitigating their core abilities like concentration, study stamina, grasping & memory power. Rephy incorporates in 3 major divisions (i) Rephy Corporate Training Center, (ii) Rephy Counselling Center, (iii) Rephy Softech.

Rephy Corporate Training Center where all trainings related to corporate and personality development are taken care.
Rephy Counselling Center where counselling for students and parents is carried out by professor Naresh Muley.
All software development related operations are taken care by our Rephy Softech division.