Rephy Corporate Training Center
Rephy Corporate Training Center

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Empower your Spoken English Training Skills with Rephy’s Franchise

100 Crore
people want to speak English spontaneously.
No other institute knows how to train them successfully

but WE know!

So don't worry!
Rephy is the only one institute
which can train people for English fluency and spontaneous speaking with 100% success by our "Natural Method".

Let’s grab these 100 crore English learners with Rephy’s Franchise Program

We invite you to become our Partner as a Franchisee. We invite you to train these 100 crore English learners with the Natural Method and earn lacs.

We conducted extensive research for 25 years on the topic of Mind Power, along with 12 years dedicated to the study of English language proficiency.

Through our diligent efforts, we have discovered a highly effective, natural method for achieving fluency and spontaneous English speaking from day one, ultimately mastering the language in just two months.

Apply immediately to save 20 lacs.

fill the application form,
to save 20 lacs and start your franchise proccess.
and get all types of trainings for free.

(after comletion of the payment send us the screenshot on whatsapp on 9665799970)

Interview of Prof Naresh Muley by Franchise Batao's Dr. Ashish Aggarwal..

Minimum Investment Great Earning

Save 20 lakhs on Franchise fee, by purchasing course material of only 40,000/-

In this 40,000/- there are 2 parts,

  • In one part, you will get 1 set of trainer’s course material, cost is 10,000/- (one-time cost).

  • In the second part, you will get 100 sets of student course material for every single student; the cost is 300/- only. This means the total cost is 30,000/-.

  • How much can you earn???

    As you are purchasing course material for Rs. 300/- per student; in return, you can earn Rs.3000 to Rs.10000 per student.

    This means you can earn a profit of total Rs 3 lacs to 10 lacs on your Rs 30000/- investment.

    To understand how much you can earn, let us take an example.

    However, we are expecting that you will have 100 to 200 admissions per month. Now, for example, we will consider that you will get only 20 admissions per month, and you will charge 5000 per student, so you will
    get fees Rs.5,000/- X 20 students = Rs. 1,00,000/-
    will be your monthly collection, against, you have to pay us only 20 Students Kit X for Rs.300/- = Rs.6000/-,
    so the gross profit will be 94,000/-.

Franchise Features

1 to 4 lac/month

Get Free Spoken English Franchise


Save 20 lacs by purchasing course material worth
only Rs.40,000/-


Your Students will speak English fluently and spontaneously from Day-1.

Apply within 24 hrs for franchise to save 20 lacs discount.


Yes my dear friends we are offering this amazing franchise program where by purchasing only course material you can start your own spoken English classes under our franchise we are giving discount of 20 lacs which was our franchise fees you will get everything for free.

After developing most successful spoken English teaching method which is called as natural method now we have decided to help people to start their own spoken English classes and ultimately help people to learn English easily

No franchise Fees.
No Training Fees.
No Fees Sharing.
All Trade Secretes.
Natural Method.
Marketing Training.
Digital Marketing Training.
Personality Development Training.
Management Training.

fill the application form,
to save 20 lacs and start your franchise proccess.
and get all types of trainings for free.

(after comletion of the payment send us the screenshot on whatsapp on 9665799970)

How to complete Franchise Process

1. Complete the registration with application form and attend the meeting with the authority of Rephy.

2. Payment and Agreement process with Rephy Corporate Training Center.

3. Franchisee’s English Language Training.

4. Franchisee’s Train the Trainer Program.

5. Marketing Training

6. Management Training.

7. Starting franchisee’s classes as the authorised franchisee of Rephy.

Prof. Naresh Muley is Psychologist, Hypnotist, Memory Expert and Corporate Trainer. He has trained thousands of people and students under different programs.

He is playing key roles as:-

- Founder of Rephy Research Institute

- CEO of Rephy Softech Company

- Director of Rephy Corporate Training Center

- Chief Counsellor of Rephy Counselling Center

About Rephy

Rephy is abbreviation of Research & study institute of psychology, science & philosophy. Rephy is established in 1998 in order to do study and find out easiest and finest way to develop human resource.
With respect to this development, Rephy has been continuously doing research for many years on how to develop personality and change behaviour by working on thought process.
We conducted extensive research for 25 years on the topic of Mind Power, along with 12 years dedicated to the study of English language proficiency. Through our diligent efforts, we have discovered a highly effective, natural method for achieving fluency and spontaneous English speaking from day one, ultimately mastering the language in just two months.

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At Rephy Corporate Training Center, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with advanced skills and knowledge, fostering excellence, adaptability, and growth in the world of business. To achieve this, we are starting a franchise program. Rephy Corporate Training Center's franchise program empowers individuals to establish successful businesses while enhancing English speaking skills for others. Franchisees receive training and support to expand Rephy's proven teaching methods, building a network of passionate partners. Our mission is to eliminate language barriers, boost confidence in English expression, and teach 1 crore people within 3 years through our dedicated franchisees. Join us in creating a better society and contributing to our country's brighter future.

What is the Natural Method?

Natural Method means learning English the way we are learning our mother tongue.

We did not learn our mother tongue by grammar method. Right? We learnt it by listening and observing others, which is called the Natural Method.

Nobody in the world is learning their own language with grammar. Everybody learns their mother tongue naturally.

Why are we unable to speak English using grammar method?

With the grammar method, we are having problems because it involves many steps, like

We have to recognise the situation,

then we have to recognise tense,

then we find words, translate them,

then we make sentences, and then we speak.

It makes us slow; that's why the grammar method is not working.

What is spontaneous speaking?

When we speak our mother tongue, sentences are coming automatically; that is called spontaneousness. Spontaneous speaking means we don't have to make or frame sentences in our mind before speaking. It is like automation, or we can call it speaking subconsciously.

We have developed The Natural Method.

We have developed a complete learning system with which we can teach anyone to speak spontaneously in 2 months. The most beautiful thing about this course is that people will start speaking spontaneously from day one.

How is our system working?

We know when we learn English with grammar method, every time we have to make sentences because we are doing it consciously. When we learn a language naturally, we do it automatically because while learning naturally, our subconscious is learning that language, and that's why we are speaking naturally.

To understand this, we should understand one example: when we learn to drive a car or ride a motorcycle initially, we are driving consciously. At that time, we have to make a lot of effort, but after some time, our driving skills shift towards the subconscious mind.

That's why we are now riding bikes and driving cars without effort like it has become automatic. Without realizing we are changing gears, applying brakes and turning cars, that is called subconscious action. So, There is automation.

Effortless Speaking

We understand from the car driving examples when things shift towards the subconscious; the process becomes automatic. Similarly, when we learn a language subconsciously, we start speaking without effort. Sentences come automatically, and we start speaking effortlessly without making sentences.

Train Subconscious for automation.

Prof. Naresh Muley is a psychologist and hypnotist, and Rephy is a research institute. So, with Muley sir’s knowledge and with our research, we have developed such a system where, due to the system, concepts enter our subconscious mind directly and with systematic practice patterns, students speak English spontaneously.

What our Students say about Spoken English Course?

Before joining Rephy I did not have any confidence about my English and also didn’t have stage courage. Here they taught us very well & conducted our group discussion, conversations and debate practices very well. I learnt so many things which will help me for my whole life. Muley sir also guided us to build our positive attitude about English speaking. This class is best class. Thank you Rephy.

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Apoorva Chitgopekar


I have attended Spoken English course in Rephy Corporate Training Center & it’s an amazing course. Here teaching style is different & sir has taught us conceptually. It’s a unique experience. Before class my English was very poor. But now my English has improved a lot. My confidence has built up. Today I am speaking without thinking and without making sentences in my mind. Thanks to all the trainers at Rephy.

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Niraj Jalnawala


This new technique of learning English is easy and impressive. Before Rephy I had joined 1 course 2 times in other class but had no effect, so I was little doubtful about the result initially but now I am extremely happy with the result I have got. The new natural method have developed my English so fast and made me truly confident. Online course also helped me to stay connected though I was not in hometown.

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Vishal Biradar


What our Students say about Personality Development Course?

Before joining this workshop I was able to study only for 1 to 2hrs, but after this workshop,I can say it is a transformation. Now I can sit for 7-8 hrs and also I am enjoying it. I can concentrate harder on studies now. Read More

Yash Kulkarni


Previously I was studying for 2-3 hrs, but I was unable to memorize. After completing Rephy's training I do study for 8-10 hrs & can memorize easily. I secured 97th All India rank in year(2013), which was 735th in previous year. Read More

Vivek Kumbhakarna


Before joining REPHY, I failed in 12 subjects. My Concentration was less & I could study hardly for 30 mins. I was very short tempered. But after completing REPHY’s training in one attempt I passed 11 subjects.
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Akshay Dandge


Number of students trained under various courses

Motivational Seminar


Personality Development


Spoken English


Counselling & Training for Students


Key features of Rephy Franchise

We have developed the "Natural Method" with our research, Now we want to provide this training to everyone, which is why You are getting Franchise, Trainers training, Marketing Training Everything for Free.
Our regular franchise fees is 20,00,000/- includes all training but you can get our franchise for "free" by applying within 24 Hours.

Save Big

Secure your spot among our exclusive 100 franchisees and gain access to our course material for just Rs. 40,000/-! Say goodbye to hefty franchise fees and save a whopping 20 lacs.

Become a Spoken English Trainer

Launch your own class for FREE! With our Natural Method, your students will speak English confidently from Day-1.

No Hidden Costs

Rephy believes in transparency and empowerment. We charge no franchise fees, no training fees, and no fees sharing. What you earn is yours to keep.

Comprehensive Training

We equip you with all the tools you need to thrive, including marketing training, digital marketing training, personality development training, and management training.

Rephy FranchiseAdvantages of being Rephy Franchise.

  • First advantage as a Rephy franchise is that you will have advantage to work with a brand which has internationally registered trademark since 1998.

  • Being research institute for last 25 years, we are continuously upgrading and you will have advantage of using those up-gradation.

  • We keep on upgrading our course & you will have free access to it.

  • You will know “how to teach grammar?”

  • You will know “how to conduct speaking practice?”

  • You will know “how to convert a non speaker into an English Speaker?”

  • You will know “how to convert an English Speaker into a fluent English Speaker?”

  • You will know “how to convert a fluent English Speaker into a spontaneous English Speaker?”

  • You will know “how to establish your own institute?”

  • You will know “how to do marketing of your class?”

  • You will know “how to do management?”

  • You will have freedom to set your fees.

  • No fees sharing- Franchise doesn't have to share any amount from the fees of every admission with us.

  • Support- We have got the best support team. Our support team is always with you, if you face any trouble while converting anybody from non-speaker to speaker & for any other issues.

  • One more big advantage you will get is the permission to start multiple branches. Yes you will be able to host multiple branches thereafter.