About Rephy

Rephy is abbreviation of Research & study institute of psychology, science & philosophy. Rephy is established in 1998 in order to do study and find out easiest and finest way to develop human resource. With respect to this development, Rephy has been continuously doing research for many years on how to develop personality and change behaviour by working on thought process. At the same time to develop communication skill and English speaking ability, Rephy has been working on Natural Method of learning English, and has developed “7 Hours English Mastery Program” for enhancing English speaking ability of people. Read more


Our mission is to train 1 crore people in next 5 years to speak English fluently with Natural Method!
This mission is to contribute in the prosperity of our country. As we know English communication can open many doors to the new businesses and opportunities. Farmers, industries can increase their exports with the help of English Communication Skill. We can have more number of BPOs, KPOs, call centers, IT Industry and many such businesses, which will help our country in the advancement towards stronger economy.

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What our Students say about Spoken English Course?

Before joining Rephy I did not have any confidence about my English and also didn’t have stage courage. Here they taught us very well & conducted our group discussion, conversations and debate practices very well. I learnt so many things which will help me for my whole life. Muley sir also guided us to build our positive attitude about English speaking. This class is best class. Thank you Rephy.

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Apoorva Chitgopekar


I have attended Spoken English course in Rephy Corporate Training Center & it’s an amazing course. Here teaching style is different & sir has taught us conceptually. It’s a unique experience. Before class my English was very poor. But now my English has improved a lot. My confidence has built up. Today I am speaking without thinking and without making sentences in my mind. A big thanks to all the trainers and ultimately Rephy.

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Niraj Jalnawala


This new technique of learning English is very easy and impressive. Before Rephy I had attended 1 course 2 times in other class but had no effect, so I was little doubtful about the result initially but now I am extremely happy with the result I have got. The new natural method have developed my English so fast and made me truly confident. Online course also helped me to stay connected even though I was not in Aurangabad.

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Vishal Biradar


What our Students say about Personality Development Course?

Before joining this workshop I was able to study only for 1 to 2hrs, but after this workshop,I can say it is a transformation. Now I can sit for 7-8 hrs and also I am enjoying it. I can concentrate harder on studies now. Read More

Yash Kulkarni


Previously I was studying for 2-3 hrs, but I was unable to memorize. After completing Rephy's training I do study for 8-10 hrs & can memorize easily. I secured 97th All India rank in year(2013), which was 735th in previous year. Read More

Vivek Kumbhakarna


Before joining REPHY, I failed in 12 subjects. My Concentration was less & I could study hardly for 30 mins. I was very short tempered. But after completing REPHY’s training in one attempt I passed 11 subjects. Read More

Akshay Dandge