Our Courses and Programs

  • Franchise Program

    To grab this huge market and train these 100Cr English learners 100% successfully, we invite schools, colleges, private tuitions, teachers, computer institutes, or any individuals to become our franchise to earn a lot of money while changing the lives of people. Purchase only course material to save 20 lacs and get a 100% discount on franchise fees. Apply immediately to get this offer.

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  • Spoken English with Natural Method

    Everywhere in India, people are using grammar, i.e. translation method, to learn Spoken English. But due to translation, they can't speak fluently; the rephy is the only one who did research and developed the "Natural Method" to learn to speak English fluently and spontaneously. Due to the Natural Method, we don't have to make sentences in mind before speaking English, and we can speak from day 1.
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  • Personality Development

    With this course we are helping students to develop their academic skills, which include concentration, memory power, grasping power, study stamina, and sincerity. We also develop their emotional quotient (EQ). Since 1998, We have been doing research on mind power, happiness, and personality development, under the guidance of Founder and Cheif Psychologist Prof. Naresh Muley Sir.
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