Rephy Personality Development Course

Are you looking to enhance your academic performance, boost your emotional intelligence, and transform your personality for greater success and happiness? The Rephy Personality Development Course has been dedicated to these goals since 1998, under the expert guidance of Founder and Chief Psychologist Prof. Naresh Muley Sir. Backed by extensive research on mind power, happiness, and personality development, this course provides a structured and proven approach to personal growth.

    Academic Skills Enhancement: This course is designed to help students sharpen their academic skills. It addresses vital areas such as concentration, memory power, grasping power, study stamina, and sincerity, enabling students to excel in their studies.


    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development: Emotional intelligence is a crucial factor for personal and professional success. The Rephy Personality Development Course focuses on nurturing students' emotional intelligence, helping them build healthier relationships, manage stress, and increase self-awareness.


    Behavioral Transformation: The course offers insights and techniques for behavioral transformation, including anger management, improved communication skills, corporate etiquette, and cultivating confidence.


    Soft Skills Enhancement: Soft skills play a pivotal role in today's competitive world. Students will learn essential soft skills, including stage courage, grooming, and effective communication, to prepare them for the challenges of the professional world.


Course Content:


Concentration Enhancement: Techniques to improve your ability to focus and concentrate, helping you study and work more effectively.


Memory Power Boost: Strategies to enhance memory retention, making it easier to remember and apply what you've learned.


Study Stamina Building: Methods for increasing your study endurance, allowing you to work for more extended periods without burning out.


Sincerity in Work: The importance of sincerity in your academic and professional endeavours, with guidance on how to cultivate it.


Emotional Intelligence Development: Building skills in understanding and managing emotions, as well as improving interpersonal relationships.


Anger Management: Techniques to control and reduce anger, promoting emotional balance and better decision-making.


Communication Skills: Enhancing your ability to express yourself clearly and effectively is a vital skill for both personal and professional success.


Corporate Etiquettes: Learning the proper manners and behaviors expected in the corporate world can boost your professional image.


Confidence Building: Developing self-confidence to tackle challenges, overcome self-doubt, and succeed in various aspects of life.


Stage Courage: Techniques to overcome stage fright and perform confidently in public situations.


Grooming: Personal grooming tips to help you present yourself professionally and confidently.


The Rephy Personality Development Course offers a holistic approach to personal growth, empowering students to excel academically and thrive in various aspects of life. With a proven track record and a focus on both academic and emotional intelligence development, this course is a valuable resource for those seeking to transform their personalities and achieve greater success and happiness.


Course Content
Behavioural Transformation Soft Skills
Anger Management Stage Courage
Communication Skill Grooming
Corporate Etiquettes Confidence

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What our Students say?

Before joining this workshop I was able to study only for 1 to 2hrs, but after this workshop,I can say it is a transformation. Now I can sit for 7-8 hrs and also I am enjoying it. I can concentrate harder on studies now.

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Yash Kulkarni


Previously I was studying for 2-3 hrs, but I was unable to memorize and now after completing Rephy training I do study for 8-10 hrs & can memorize easily. I secured 97thAll India rank in year(2013), which was 735th in previous year.

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Vivek Kumbhakarna


Before joining REPHY, I failed in 12 subjects. My Concentration was less & I could study hardly for 30 mins. I was very short tempered. But after completing REPHY’s training in one attempt I passed 11 subjects.

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Akshay Dandge


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    With this course we are helping students to develop their academic skills, which include concentration, memory power, grasping power, study stamina, and sincerity. We also develop their emotional quotient (EQ). Since 1998, We have been doing research on mind power, happiness, and personality development, under the guidance of Founder and Cheif Psychologist Prof. Naresh Muley Sir.
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