Tips of using active voice
Here are some tips for using active voice:
  1. Identify the subject: In active voice, the subject of the sentence is the one performing the action. Identify the subject and ensure that it is in its proper place in the sentence.
  2. Use strong verbs: In active voice, strong and specific verbs are used to describe the action being performed by the subject. Avoid using weak or vague verbs that can make the sentence sound passive.
  3. Keep it simple: Use a simple sentence structure and avoid using unnecessary words that can make the sentence sound wordy or complicated.
  4. Make it concise: Active voice sentences are usually shorter and more concise than passive voice sentences. Avoid using unnecessary phrases or wordy constructions.
  5. Use active voice in most situations: Active voice is generally preferred over passive voice because it is more direct and engaging. However, there are some situations where passive voice may be appropriate, such as when the focus is on the action rather than the person performing the action.
  6. Practice: The more you practice using active voice, the easier it will become. Take some time to review your writing and identify instances where passive voice can be changed to active voice.

Remember, an active voice can help to make your writing more engaging, concise, and direct. By following these tips, you can improve your writing and communicate your ideas more effectively.


Using an active voice in your writing can help you to communicate your ideas more effectively. By identifying the subject, using strong verbs, keeping it simple and concise, and practising, you can create more engaging and direct sentences. While passive voice may be appropriate in certain situations, active voice is generally preferred because it allows you to place emphasis on the subject and create a more clear and more direct message. By following these tips, you can improve the clarity and impact of your writing.

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