Numeral Adjectives
Numeral adjectives are words that provide numerical information about nouns, enhancing precision and clarity in language. There are two primary types:
  • Cardinal Numerals: Express specific numbers or quantities. Example: “The recipe calls for two cups of flour.”
  • Ordinal Numerals: Indicate the order or position in a sequence. Example: “He finished the marathon in third place.”

Utilizing numeral adjectives in writing helps convey quantitative details, allowing readers to better understand the numerical aspects associated with the described nouns.

The following are few more examples 

Cardinal Numerals:

  • There were five students in the classroom.
  • She bought ten tickets for the concert.
  • The puzzle has 100 pieces.

Ordinal Numerals:

  • He is the fourth person in line.
  • The chapter on biodiversity is the sixth in the textbook.
  • Our team finished in second place in the competition.

In each example, the numeral adjectives (five, ten, 100, fourth, sixth, second) provide specific numerical information, either indicating quantity or order, to modify and describe the associated nouns.

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