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Spoken English is a crucial aspect of language learning for non-native speakers around the world. Whether for academic or professional purposes, strong spoken English skills can open doors to new opportunities and help individuals achieve their goals. At our institute, we offer comprehensive spoken English courses that are designed to help learners improve their fluency, pronunciation, and overall confidence when speaking English. Our expert instructors use the latest teaching techniques and tools to ensure that our students receive the best possible language training. Join our course today and take the first step towards mastering the art of spoken English!

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Invest Minimum Time

Depending upon your available time, you can invest either a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes daily. For extra practice, you can also spend maximum time as you want. You can join this training anytime (morning/afternoon/evening/night). It is 24x7 available online, so you can join whenever you have free time.

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The price of this course is Rs.12000/- for the duration of 6 months. Here we are providing 6 Months Course, 183 Lectures, 6 Live Sessions with me, and Online Classroom for practicing. These are all things we are providing with our Natural Method, which is a very unique method. It is our own research and we found that it is absolutely Result Oriented. That's why it's the price is Rs.12000/-.

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Feedbacks of Students

President, Doctors Association, Yeola, Nashik

Life-Changing 40 Minutes...

In this webinar, I got clarity regarding many things. I realized what misunderstandings I had about learning English and what mistakes I was doing while learning English. At the same time, I got to know about the right method of learning English. So this investment of 40 minutes for this webinar changed my English learning experience completely and removed my fear about learning & using English.
Dr. Gadekar
Government Hospital,

I was unable to express myself in English...

I Joined Rephy class for enhancing my communication skills. Before joining this class I was unable to speak English fluently. Trainer understood my error & helped me to overcome it. As I am working in the industry for more hours in a day. But due to the group discussion in Rephy, I got more confidence. I learned how to feel in English, How to improve vocabulary & how to express myself in English. Now I can speak in English with confidence with anyone.
Sandeep Gore
Design Engineer,

I tried to learn English many times...

Before learning with the natural method, I tried to learn English with many different methods, but this (natural) method is amazing! It helped me to become fluent and spontaneous only in 2 months. Now, I can speak very comfortably and naturally. Thanks, Rephy & team.
Sandesh Patkar

I was making sentences in mind...

Before understanding the natural method, I was speaking in English, but I was always making sentences in mind and then speaking. That process was uncomfortable, but due to the natural method, now I can speak with anyone without making sentences in mind & I am speaking naturally and spontaneously with everyone. Thanks to Rephy.
Manas Nilkanthe
Manager at Lupin Pvt Ltd

I was afraid of grammar...

Now, I don't get afraid of grammar. I have learned grammar very easily with the natural method. Now, I don't have any confusion & there is no pressure of grammar while speaking.
Vinaya Nilkanthe

As per my time convenience...

Due to my job, getting time was a major problem for me. I was unable to manage the time to learn English. This natural method helped me to learn to speak English fluently in a very short time.
Unnati Jadhav
Manager at Chemical Industry,

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A moment with India's Hon'ble Finance MoS(State) Shri. Dr. Bhagwatji Karad

A moment with Sadguru P. P. Bharatbhaiji Maharaj

A moment with Sadguru P. P. Vashibhaiji Maharaj

Invitation to Hon'ble Cabinet Minister for Road Transport & Highways Shri. Nitinji Gadkari

Felicitation of Hon'ble President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Shri. J. P. Nadda Ji

Invitation to India's Hon'ble Finance MoS(State) Shri. Dr. Bhagwatji Karad

A moment with Hon'ble Minister of OBC Welfare and Co-operation of Maharashtra Shri. Atulji Save

A moment with Hon'ble Cabinet Minister for Rail, Coal & Mines Shri Raosahebji Danve

A moment with Hon'ble Minister of OBC Welfare and Co-operation of Maharashtra Shri. Atulji Save

Certificate Distribution in CSMSS Engeering

Certificate Distribution in CSMSS Engeering

Seminar in JNEC College

Certificate Distribution in Shardchandra Pawar Polytechnic College

Certificate Distribution in Shardchandra Pawar Polytechnic College

Seminar in Govt. Engineering College Aurangabad

Seminar in Everest Engineering College

Certificate Distribution in CSMSS

Seminar in Govt. Engineering College Aurangabad

Felicitation at Everest Engineering College Aurangabad

Seminar in Everest Engineering College

Certificate Distribution in Shardchandra Pawar Polytechnic College

Birthday Celebrations of Muley Sir

English Language Training at Aurangabad Police Department(Rural)

Certificate Distribution in Shardchandra Pawar Polytechnic College

English Language Training at Aurangabad Police Department(Rural)

Here are the key-points of training!

You want to speak English fluently, but you are facing following problems:

  • You can understand English but are unable to speak fluently, 
  • You can't speak English confidently in front of other people,
  • You have to make sentences in mind before speaking English,
  • You can't recall the right word at the right time,
  • You are afraid of grammar and speaking English,
  • You think that you cannot learn to speak English fluently and no course can help you
  • To learn with Natural Method click here

If these are your problems, then you are at the right place.

You will get answers to all your questions here and at the same time you will understand how to learn English with the right method.

We want fluency, but we have some problems and misunderstandings about learning English :-

  1. Pronunciation and Accent- We think that for learning English we must know the correct pronunciation of each and every word of English.
    We also have a fear of accents, but the reality is different.

    You don't have to memorize each and every word because we have not memorized each and every word of our mother tongue yet we can recall words easily, but the way we are learning English is wrong. We use the translation method to learn English. We don’t learn English with the same method as our mother tongue i.e. naturally.

    I can adopt the accent and pronunciation of any region within 10-15 Mins. because I have not learned my mother tongue with translation method or with grammar, I have learned it naturally. Now, the same thing is with English. I can adopt the accent and pronunciation of any region within a few minutes because now I have learned English also naturally.

    The very simple solution to this is to Learn English with natural Methods. Then you don’t need to focus on each word’s accent and pronunciation.
    Initially, I also learned English with a translation method, but after research, I have developed this Natural Method and I tested it on myself, now I am so spontaneous, I don’t have to make sentences in mind, not a single sentence I need to make in mind before speaking. So the solution is to learn English with Natural Methods.

To learn with Natural Method click here

  1. Grammar is Must - Nobody in the world learns his or her own language by Grammar Rules, but they speak their language fluently, right? In London, the small kids who are just growing at home haven't been to school yet, so they too speak English fluently, are they learning grammar at home or they start speaking directly? Of Course, they start to speak first.

    Everywhere, everyone first learns to speak. After going to school we learn grammar.
    When we started doing research we found that 99% of books and courses are using the wrong English learning methods, those are grammar method and translation method. Though there is no one who learns his/her own language with these grammar rules and translation methods.

    Which means that is not natural and not right. And it is the reason why we are not fluent in English. We are not being natural. If we don’t learn our own language with grammar and translation then why is there a need to use these for learning English? Hence “Grammar is Must” is a big misunderstanding. 

  2. Don’t Have Environment - Right this is one real problem, we don’t have a feasible environment to learn English. But we can create an environment using Online resources like this. 
  3. Nobody is there to practice with - But we can overcome this problem by connecting someone via online tools such as this.
  4. Only practice is not sufficient - One thing I will make you clear is that we also have to emphasize on the mind. We have to work on our personality then only we can achieve something.

    So we must work on all these 5 points to learn English.

To learn with Natural Method click here

What is Required to Learn English?

  1. Eradication of Misunderstandings
  2. Working on Personality and Mindset
  3. Learning English with the Right Method

Now we have to learn English with the right method, how?
The method is very important. If your method is wrong, even if we try to produce a good product, we will not be able to produce a single product in years. But, if our method is right, then we can produce thousands of products in an hour. Let us work on the right method.

How to use it?

I have created 2 rules to learn English fast with the right method.

Rule 1:-

Remove wrong learning habits - we have a habit of using the translation method as we have used it so far. Unless we remove that wrong method, we can not use the right method. So, we need to remove the wrong English learning method & habits from our brain. Our brain adopts the habits easily if we train it. But before training our brain to use the right learning method, we need to remove its wrong method. This is our first rule.

Rule 2: - 

Use the Natural Learning method - As we know our brain works as we train it. If we train our brain for good, it works like that, and if we train it for bad it will work for that even. 

To learn with Natural Method click here

To follow these two rules you have to understand these 3 secrets

  1. What is the right method and what is the wrong method of learning English?
  2. How to use the right method to learn English?
  3. How to overcome the fear of speaking English?

Secret #1- What is the right method and what is the wrong method of learning English?

From where we found that the method is wrong? As we have told Rephy is a research institute that works on Mind Power, Behaviour and Personality since 1998. We have been doing research in the above mentioned fields. We had developed various training programs and we have been conducting training for the same.

so we had found that many students were not able to crack their interviews only because of lack of English speaking skills. So we were telling the students to join spoken English classes to develop their skills in speaking English. At that time we did not have any course related to spoken English. We had only personality development classes at that time. Then Students used to tell us that they have completed classes of spoken English many times but still they were unable to speak English fluently. We asked them why it was happening. They used to answer that they didn't know. 

To learn with Natural Method click here

Then we started doing research on these problems. We took a mission, we started finding lackings of classes because they were unable to achieve desired results. We found that 99% of classes and books were using the wrong learning method.

What was that wrong learning method- that was the grammar and translation method. Everyone learns their native language with the Natural method and not with the grammar & translation method. The same method we can use for learning English language. This is the easiest method because it doesn’t need grammar or any translation. 

We have used the grammar and translation method to learn English since childhood. It became our habit to recall grammar, sentence structure, words and it creates confusion. It leads to losing your confidence and then you hesitate while speaking English. This is all because of the wrong learning method. 

So, friends, how to overcome this problem? How to remove that translation method from our brain? And we need to use the right method, I will tell you how to do that.

When we went to the USA and observed the language training courses, there we found that grammar is not being used in their training. 

When I started telling this to people that they don't use Grammar in their training then they didn’t believe. Luckily in the movie “English-Vinglish” they have shown that training so then people started believing. Then why are we using the wrong learning method? We must use the right method. The way we are learning our own language, there in the US, Australia, UK children are learning with the right method. So we must learn with the same method. We all need a natural environment , natural method to learn English.

To learn with Natural Method click here

What is the science behind the natural method?

When we use translation Method, we use 3 centers of our brain,

  1. Center of Thinking
  2. Center of Translation
  3. Center of Speaking

The training to the brain is like that, very first we think in our native language, we have a habit of the same method, then find the tense & respective structure of the sentence, put words, make sentences in English and then speak, right? 

First of all, we search for structure, then put words, then we make sentences in mind. We repeat this every time, right? 

In our own language what happens with the process above? Do we use the same process or do we speak directly?

Now, see, when we use these 3 centers then we use that translation center which is a very slow center, it is a very hectic center and will make us tired too. It takes more time. When we speak at that time we actually don’t have much time to do all of this. While writing we get time, but while speaking the time is not sufficient to think & translate. While speaking we must recall everything in a fraction of second.

As we speak in Hindi, Marathi or in our native language we don’t face any problem, words are coming automatically, sentences are forming automatically, but when we start speaking English, it happens,why? Translation method i.e. using 3 centers process starts.

When we speak our own mother tongue then we think and directly speak without making sentences, which means we use only 2 centers, Center of Thinking and Center of Speaking. We don't go for translation, that is why it doesn't require time. The reason behind this is we have trained our brain with Natural Method to speak naturally. If we learn it naturally it works naturally, and if we train our brain to translate it will do the same, and we could face many problems because of the translation method.

To learn with Natural Method click here

Now will see, what problems can we face due to the translation method?

  • We don’t remember the right words at the right time

We know words but we are unable to recall them at appropriate times, & it happens many times. It is just because of the translation method and Center of Translation, because it is very slow,

  • We always think while speaking English and hence we are unable to speak English spontaneously

 I am talking about spontaneous speaking, not fluency. It is one step ahead of fluency. With the Natural method, we will step to the next level. We will not have to think and translate before speaking. We can speak English as we are speaking our own native language. We also make poems and stories using our mother tongue because we have learned it naturally.

The way we have learned our language we must learn English with the same method. Then we will also become spontaneous in English. We will become natural English speakers. Not only Fluent but we will become spontaneous in speaking English. Words will start coming automatically, then sentences will form naturally.

Initially when I started my education it was in Marathi medium not in English medium. I started learning with the translation method, I used to think a lot before speaking and now after applying natural method, I am spontaneous, I don't have to recall a single word.

So this is what we have-Natural Method. It will solve all your problems. You will become spontaneous and fluent. We have to remove the use of the translation center and we have to train our brain to use only 2 centers: the Center of Thinking & Center of speaking. 

  • We make “Umm..” sound while speaking

This is our natural sound when we think while speaking. This sound comes when we think about something while speaking. Why does it come usually while speaking English, because we use the translation center more, when we speak English. As I spoke to you, it is a very hectic center, that is why we have to use umm sound. So, friends, if we shift to Natural Method this problem will also get solved.

  • Fear of Grammar

Why are we not only afraid of grammar but also of speaking? For that I will give you an example, when you have started learning to ride a bike or bicycle, if you remember on the first day you might have held the handle very tightly, you might have started sweating in 5 Minutes, you were feeling very nervous at that time. So our friend or family member told us to be calm, but we were nervous with some fear, if it would have happened for the whole life then I would have feared lifelong, I might have left riding a bicycle. We don't like any hectic situations, we like only comfortable situations, natural situations. Our brains like natural things, too. So, instead of riding bikes we could have chosen any other option like hiring a rickshaw or taxi. 

In the same manner while speaking English. We always use a translation center and that our brain doesn't like and our brains don’t do that comfortably. It makes us unconfident and we also get fear of speaking with grammar. This fear is only because of the translation center because it is a very hectic center. We use it because we have made this habit and our brain also follows the same. But with the Natural Method things will change. We have to train our brain with the natural method. It is very important, and then that fear will vanish completely. 

To learn with Natural Method click here

Now, you might have these doubts:

  1. How will you get Natural Method?
  2. How will we train you with the Natural Method?
  3. How to use the Right method of learning English?

You will get answers to these questions here:

We will use 3 Action Triangle to apply the right learning English Method.

To teach you English with the right method we will use 3 Action Triangle. 

Action 1:- Remove the wrong learning method.

We have to remove the wrong habits from your brain. We have to remove the translation method. 

Action 2:- We need to develop a habit of using the Natural Method.

Action 3:- We need to work on Believe Mechanism to apply and accelerate the use of the Natural Method. 

And we have developed such a system that you will learn to speak naturally with these 3 actions. It is “Spoken English Master Class with a Natural Method”

  • Remove wrong methods:- 

For removing wrong learning methods, what will we do? 

we will provide you a video lecture which will push you throughout the process. I understand these things, how to remove the wrong method very well. So with my video lectures and practice sessions, I will help to get you out of all the problems. We have developed some techniques in our research, we have fixed the steps and techniques that will remove your translation method of learning English. You will get the benefit of all those things.

To learn with Natural Method click here

  • Implementing the Right Method.

What is the right method? Natural Method. We learn a language with concepts, so we have to go conceptually. When we start learning any language, we don’t learn it with grammar, no one in the world learns like this. 

So, how to learn a language? Conceptually, e.g. when we were child, we were learning our own language for example Hindi; we used to say “Mujhe Pani Do!” as a child we were not knowing the words differently “Muze”, “Pani” and “Do”. Those were not three different words for us, we did not know what was noun and pronoun, we had only listened to “Mujhe Pani do!”. In London any child says “Give me water!”, that child does not know noun, pronoun and any other term of grammar. He also doesn't know these are three different words, he listens & uses it as a single concept. 

Then as he or she hears it as a concept he will say “Give me food!”. He listens, speaks and understands it as a concept, right? 

Are you getting my point?

In the same manner, to learn to speak English fluently, we must learn it with the Natural method i.e. conceptually. We have developed a system, we have developed the techniques, we create that natural environment, you will learn either via Online or Offline. We have developed all the concepts that are very useful to learn English.

You will get all those concepts in this training. You will learn to speak English conceptually. So, this is the Natural Method. You will learn concepts every day.

  • Develop Faith and Confidence in yourself with Believe Mechanism.

We will provide you some content to develop faith and confidence in yourself. Our 3rd action is to develop a Believe Mechanism in you. For that, you need faith in yourself & your confidence must be very high. So, we will provide the content in our course. This will be available to you online.

Now you must have only one question in your mind and that is how to join this “Spoken English Master Class with a Natural Method”?

To learn with Natural Method click here

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