An interrogative pronoun is a type of pronoun used to ask questions in English and other languages. Interrogative pronouns are used to seek information about people, things, or concepts. In English, there are five main interrogative pronouns:
  • Who: Used to ask about people. For example, “Who is coming to the Birthday party?”
  • Whom: Also used to ask about people, but it is less commonly used in modern English. For example, “Whom did you speak to?”
  • What: Used to ask about things or concepts. For example, “What is your favorite color?”
  • Which: Used to ask about a specific item or choice among several options. For example, “Which book do you want to read?”
  • Whose: Used to inquire about possession or ownership. For example, “Whose jacket is this?”

Interrogative pronouns are essential for forming questions and seeking information in a conversation. They help you gather specific details about the subject of your inquiry. The choice of interrogative pronoun depends on whether you are asking about people, things, choices, or ownership.

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