About Us

About Us

Rephy corporate Training Centre is a division of Rephy Research Institute. Rephy has a dream to make everyone physically strong, mentally sound, economically prosperous and spiritually at higher consciousness. To fulfill our dreams we have started,

  • 1. Economic Development Mission by Rephy
  • 2. Personality Development Mission by Rephy
  • 3. SQ Development Mission by Rephy

Among these missions one of the missions Rephy Corporate Training Centre has been working to make everyone physically strong and mentally sound. To achieve this, we have done research. In our research we have found many facts.

If we observe, we can easily understand that difference between a great person and a common man is in their personality. Because, you will find that there are many people who are more handsome than great people, there are many people who are more intelligent than great people & there are many people are more physically strong than great people. Still why these great people are so successful and why are they so great? The only reason is their personality i.e. thought process. So, this is well known fact that personality is a major cause behind everyone's success and this fact is expressed by many great psychologists, scientists and philosophers. So, if we can transform personality then this will ultimately result into more successful people. So, we have started a mission for transforming personalities. Under this we are conducting many training programs for overall development of people and these trainings are showing amazing results. We have transformed personalities of many and now they are achieving greater things in their life.


  • Avanti pophale I had attended Rephy speaking English course in April 2015. Earlier my English was very weak when I joined the class. Read More
  • Gayatri Shinde I have attended the speaking English training course in Rephy Training Centre. They taught very well. I joined the class on 21st April 2015. Read More