Basic + Speak English

Course Contents
  • • Basic + Speak English Reading
  • • Basic + Speak English Writing
  • • Basic + Speak English Understanding
  • • School English Grammar
  • • Complete Grammar and Vocabulary
  • • Sentence Formation
  • • Real Life Conversations
  • • GD and Debate
  • • Fluency
  • • Accent Neutralization
  • • Pronunciation Power Guide

Speak English

Course Contents
  • • Complete Grammar
  • • Vocabulary
  • • Sentence Formation
  • • Real Life Conversations
  • • GD
  • • Debate
  • • Fluency
  • • Role Plays
  • • Accent Neutralization
  • • Pronunciation Power Guide


1.How much time do I need to learn the speaking in English?

It depends on your level. A person with basic reading, writing and understanding skills needs only 2 months to be fluent and the person without the basic reading and writing skills needs 3 months. At the same time at Rephy we have observed in our Fast Track batch a person can learn in very short time like 7 days, 15 days or a month depending upon how much time you spend in class room.

2.Is learning speaking English a one-time process or lifetime?

 Definitely learning speaking English is a one-time process as it is actually a skill but further Development in that skill is a lifetime process.

3.Can I learn English?

Yes anyone in the world can learn to speak in English. There is no limitation of age, class, background, history, motherland, mothertongue of a person to learn speaking English. At Rephy we have trained people who were unable to read very easy, small and simple words. Now they are very fluent English speakers and few of them are now working as teacher in English primary schools.

4.What are things needed to learn English?

A single thing is required to learn English is your intense aspiration or strong will. Your will and training of our experts will make you learn speaking English very easily.

5.What is REPHY?

Rephy is the contraction of the name Research and Study Institute of Psychology Science and Philosophy. Where first two letters of research that is RE and the last three letters of philosophy that is PHY combine construct the name REPHY. It is a Research Institute established and contributing since 1998 for the society. To know more about Rephy click here.

6.Why learn English from R E P H Y?

Being Research Institute and the services of the psychological Heritage the training is full proof so that we can train any student right from ABCD and we have done it several times. Rephy the only destiny for sure shot complete training of English speaking skill.

7.I have tried 3 to 4 times to learn speaking in English but this time can I do it for sure?

 Yes till now either your efforts were not up to the mark or you did not get exact training. At rephy you'll get experts as trainers, who have trained thousands of students consisting many of the highly educated professionals. As well as we have the tricks and techniques to change your approach towards learning speaking in English and apply focussed efforts at appropriate place.

8.Is only learning grammar sufficient to be fluent in English?

Learning grammar is a part of being fluent in English. Grammar helps only in constructing sentences. But to form sentences orally in real time and to speak them out can't be done in Grammar practice only. They need special training under observation of experts.


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