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Feedbacks Related to Counseling and Training

Before joining this workshop I was able to study only for 1 to 2hrs, but after this workshop,I can say it is a transformation. Now I can sit for 7-8 hrs and also I am enjoying it. I can concentrate harder on studies now. I have also learnt to control my anger and also learnt to stay happy. Due to this I topped in India by scoring 495/500 i.e. 99.2%in 10th CBSE and broke all CBSE records throughout the India. I would like to thank Muley sir for all this.

Yash Kulkarni


Previously I was studying for 2-3 hrs, but I was unable to memorize and now after completing Rephy’s training I do study for 8-10 hrs & can memorize easily. I secured 97thAll India rank in year(2013), which was 735th in previous year.

Vivek Kumbhakarna


Before joining REPHY, I failed in 12 subjects. My Concentration was less & I could study hardly for 30 mins. I was very short tempered. But after completing REPHY’s training in one attempt I passed 11 subjects.

Akshay Dandge


I was able to study hardly for 2-3 hours, but due to this workshop now I am able to study for 7-8 hours. My concentration has also increased and my anger has reduced. I can do my study without stress and enjoy it fully. This training is very effective for transforming a person. Thanks a lot Sir!

Vishal Biradar


Before joining Rephy I was studying 5-6 hrs, now I am studying for 10-11 hrs. Last year I got 65%, but due to training I secured 87.6% & ranked 2nd in my college. I give special thanks to Muley sir, because I got change in my whole Life. I advise all my friends to join this training. I promise this training will definitely change your life!



After this course I found a lot of transformation in me. Now I live always happy in every situation. This workshop helped me a lot for study. I was studying for 2-3 hours now I can study for 7-8 hours. The thing which have taught in this workshop I will never forget in my while life. Thank you Muley sir!



I can now grasp the thing faster than before. I am now able to concentrate very well during studies. My stamina has increased to about 7-9 hours a day. I have become more sincere and now I can memorize thing faster than before.



My concentration was weak before this class. Half of the time I can concentrate but in next half I get bored. But now I can concentrate on my study now. I enjoy my study. I was very sensitive and emotional and get hurt very soon if someone speaks badly. But now I became very strong I never get hurt easily.

Aditi Adsul


My concentration was not good. I could concentrate on topic of my interest. My grasping power was also poor. I could understand half only. Now my concentration is going up. I can study with interest and without any stress. My nature becomes friendly and I am happy from within. My anger used to last for 2 days but now it is also reduced I am very thankful to Rephy for such awesome training.

Rashmi Padalkar


I was unable to concentrate on my study more than 1 hr. after 2 to 3hrs it started decreasing. My stamina was the weakest point for me. And it affected my other qualities also. But after this class my stamina became my strongest point. Now I can study for 10 hrs and that’s very easily and without stress. My concept understanding was depended on the interest of topic. But after this class I can understand tough topics very easily.

Apurva Kolhe


Before I was having very poor memory power. Whatever I study it lasts up to 2 days only. I was sincere but my problem was that I was very short tempered which disturbs my study also. But now I am able to calm down easily. My grasping power is increased and my sincerity is increased also.

Ketaki Rane


I got many benefits from this class. I have learned to be happy every time. I started enjoying my work. My anger is reduced and my study stamina is increased. I am able to grasp everything very easily now. My parents are happy about my approach towards my study.

Vaishnavi Joshi


Before joining this class Vaibhavi was not hardworking, careless and used to get things lightly. After getting tired she never studies no matter how important the work is. I thought that she can do much better and her intelligence should be used in a right way. But now after this workshop she is improving a lot. She became responsible and started understanding importance of the work. Thank you for changing her attitude.

Mrs. Chandola


I attended memory development workshop. I got positivity, sincerity from this class. My Concentration, study stamina is increased. Physical and mental strength as well as emotional strength is developed. Concept understanding is also developed. I became responsible person and My mom is happy about my progress.

Vaibhavi Chandola


If I want to study well the first topic comes that is concentration which I was lacking very much. If I had given a work or study for 2 hrs I have that much memory power that I can complete in 1 hr but problem was that I was unable to concentrate more than half an hour. My stamina was very poor. Frankly speaking I was not a sincere boy. But after joining this workshop I have changed a lot. My concentration study stamina and sincerity is increased. My anger is also reduced. It’s really very nice workshop and everyone should attend it. Thank you Rephy.

Pratik Patil


Before this workshop my concentration was actually not good. When I start studying, I could just study for around 1 to 2 hrs with concentration. But sometimes that was also not done. I didn’t remember whatever I had read the next day. I felt very tired. I was unable to focus on my study and due to this memory power was reduced. My anger was very much like a beast. Whoever comes in front of me when I am angry he had to bear it. But now everything is changed I can sit for study up to 8 to 9 hrs and that’s too very easily. My anger is reduced and I get quite very easily.

Neel Munshi


Before joining the class of memory development I was a bit lazy and I was not able to concentrate even for 1 hr. but now I am able to sit minimum for 5-6 hrs easily. I am getting closer and closer to my success because of this class. I am benefited in very good manner. I used to sit for study hardly for 1 hr but now I can sit for study up to 5 to 6 hrs easily.

Sonesh A Kamble


Earlier I was able to sit for study only up to 2 hrs, but now I can sit for 5 hrs continuously without any stress. Earlier I used to get angry very fast and it used to stay for 15 minutes but now my anger has been controlled to great extent. Now my memory also become quite sharp and my concentration has improved a lot which earlier created many problems.

Bhavna Baburajan


Feedbacks Related to Speak English

I joined speaking English course in Rephy class on 23rd April 2015. Before this course I did not have any confidence about my English and also about the stage courage. They conducted our group discussion, conversations and debate practices very well. I learnt so many things which will help me for my whole life. Muley sir also guided us to build our positive attitude about English speaking. This class is my best class. Thank you Rephy.

Apoorva Chitgopekar


I have attended this course in Rephy Corporate Training Centre. They taught very well. I joined the class on 21st April 2015. Before joining the class my English was not good. But, when I have completed the class, my English improved very well. My confidence has built up. Today I am very confident about my English. I am very thankful to them to improve my English and to make me a good English speaker.

Gayatri Shinde


I had attended Rephy's Speaking English course in April 2015. Earlier my English was very weak when I joined the class. But after the course my English and my confidence have reached the highest level. In the class Deshpande sir was our trainer who taught us grammar and conducted our speaking practices as well. I am very thankful to the class to give me such a great knowledge about English.

Avanti pophale


I attended speaking English course at Rephy class in April 2015. It was very nice experience for me. Before joining the class my English was not too good; but, after the class I was like more confident about my English and about myself. Rephy's techniques helped me a lot in attaining fluency.I am very thankful to the Rephy class to improve my English all the way thank you.

Harshada Hole


Feedbacks Related to Personality Development

The main improvement I got from this class is to be happy and thankful for everything we have. Now I have started thinking positively for each moment. My personality has developed with positive attitude. Now I became sincere and my attitude towards everything is changing. I am happy that I am changing.

Manaswini Reddy