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Today students want best higher education. But due to lack of Concentration, Stamina, Memory Power as well as Behavior and Emotional Balance, they cannot achieve what they decide for their life (desired percentage/ desired education/ desired career). To fill this gap our amazing training programs can help them to develop their Mind Power, Concentration and other skills. This will help them to achieve their desired goals. This program is well tested for last 20 years and thousands of students have got success with the help of these. Due to this percentage of success rate and level of education has changed drastically.

Course Content
Content Description
Concentration We train students to concentrate properly and in right way. This training solves concentration problem of students in classroom as well as while doing self-study.
Study Stamina This training increases study stamina of students by many times, e.g. if a student is able to sit only for two hours then he/she will be able to sit for more than 6-7 hours. And if a student is able to sit for 6-7 hours then he/she will be able to sit more than 10 hours.
Memory Power We teach students the right way of memorization. This increases their memory power and they memorize things in less time.
Grasping Power The training improves grasping power of students and they understand things in less time and in better manner.
Sincerity Many students don’t study regularly and parents have to force them continuously. With this training their attitude towards study changes effectively. They study at their own and parents don’t have to force much.
Behavioural Change Sometimes due to some reasons bad behaviour gets developed in students. In this training we transform bad behaviour of students and develop good behaviour in them.
Anger Management Anger is a major reason behind failure of students. Due to anger, many times students get disturbed and they can't study properly. In this training they learn to manage their anger. This ultimately helps them to study well, at the same time this helps them in their life, too.


Counselling is the process by which we can improve the academic performance of students by developing their academic skills and solving their behavioural problems.

When there is a deficiency of vitamins we don't consider it as a normal condition and we immediately undergo treatment for it to get normal health. Similarly, if students are unable to concentrate or study properly or have bad behaviour, it is also a deficiency condition (it means the skill gap condition) and it is not a normal condition. So, we should solve this problem with the help of proper scientific counselling & training. But in India, we feel it is normal and we don't solve this condition with proper scientific counselling and training.

In India, we consider that low academic skill is because of low IQ or fate or human nature. But there is the difference between academic skills and low IQ / fate/human nature. Academic skills can be developed easily with counselling and training programs, as we get trained for driving skill with proper training and guidance from experts. In the same manner, we can develop Concentration, Study Stamina, Grasping, Memory Power, Sincerity, etc. these kinds of important academic skills. This will ultimately help to improve academic results.

Low IQ is only a problem of mentally retarded people because average IQ is enough to study our syllabus. IQ matters at a very high educational level. But the difference in the results is due to their academic performance. And their performance depends upon skills like concentration, memory power, study stamina & sincerity. These academic skills are different than IQ. We can develop academic skills like concentration, memory power, study stamina & sincerity in all students, i.e. in students of all IQ levels. It means that we can easily fill this skill gap with the help of proper counselling programs and scientific training programs which ultimately result in a higher score of students.

Yes, because these are skills and can be developed with proper scientific training and counselling programs. In the last 20 years, we have developed Concentration, Memory Power, Study Stamina and Sincerity in thousands of students.

Yes, in the last 20 years we are changing all kinds of bad behaviours and developing good behaviours and good habits with the help of our scientific training and counselling sessions.

We know that the main reasons behind stress and depression are low academic skills, low academic score and lack of emotional management. In these counselling sessions and training programs we develop their academic skills & train them for managing their emotions properly. Hence these programs help them to improve their score & have better mental health. Ultimately this helps them to come out of stress and depression.

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What our Students say?

Before joining this workshop I was able to study only for 1 to 2hrs, but after this workshop,I can say it is a transformation. Now I can sit for 7-8 hrs and also I am enjoying it. I can concentrate harder on studies now.

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Yash Kulkarni


Previously I was studying for 2-3 hrs, but I was unable to memorize and after completing Rephy's training I do study for 8-10 hrs & can memorize easily. I secured 97thAll India rank in year(2013), which was 735th in previous year.

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Vivek Kumbhakarna


Before joining REPHY, I failed in 12 subjects. My Concentration was less & I could study hardly for 30 mins. I was very short tempered. But after completing REPHY’s training in one attempt I passed 11 subjects.

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Akshay Dandge