Communication Skills

Course Contents
  • • English Grammar
  • • Fluency
  • • Accent Neutralization
  • • Presentation Skill
  • • Active Listening
  • • Interview Skills
  • • Grooming
  • • Body Language
  • • Writing Skills
  • • Email Etiquette
  • • Empathy
  • • GD and Debate


Course Contents
  • • Rapid Grammar
  • • Real Life Conversations
  • • GD
  • • Debate
  • • Fluency
  • • Accent Neutralization
  • • Pronunciation Power Guide

Communication Skills

Why companies are investing billions of dollars on communication skills training? Even government is also conducting this kind of training programs for their employees. Why is everybody so serious about communication skill?

If we think a little bit we can understand communication skill must be very important skill and it must have that impact on functions of the organisation. Functions of that organisation must have been affected due to lack of communication skill in employees.

Why has communication skill become so important?

There are two reasons (1) due to modern technology all basic technical world in any field is now done by computers so human resource is now responsible more for human management (2) complexity of work is increasing involves many people. Hence, in both cases we can see now our job is to communicate people. Without communicating with people, we cannot complete our job.Nowadays one man has to do lot many work and has to communicate with many people. So, naturally we need communication skill more than any other thing.

Why should you get communication skill training?

It is already clear that communication skill is the most important skill. In today's world companies are gaining profit due to good communication skill or facing losses due to lack of communication skill. That's why they are investing for communication skill training and actually good output at work in business depends upon communication skill. That is the reason why in interview skill all companies have added group discussion as a main part of interview. It is to check a person’s communication skill. Same for business people, because everyone wants to appoint a vendor partner who is having communication skill to avoid future problems. That's why in business deal also person is trying to judge on the same basis and that is communication skill. If this is the case we have to train ourselves to be industry business ID ready before applying job or starting business or expansion you should train yourself for better communication skills.

Communication skills directly relates to 85% of one’s success in life and it’s a skill- It’s meant to be practised. Good communication is the oil that keeps the workplace machine running smoothly. Having the ability to listen carefully, speak clearly and put others at ease is valuable in any organisation and can involve a wide range of skills. The art of communication is the language of leadership.

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1.Why is communication skill so important?

Without communicating with people, we cannot complete our job. Nowadays, one man has to do lot many works and has to communicate with many people. So, naturally we need communication skill more than any other skill or thing.

2.Is it possible to improve Communication Skill?

Yes, it is possible to develop communication skills easily with Rephy’s scientific training.

3.Is English compulsory in communication skill?

Yes, English is the language spoken widely in the world. Nowadays, in India also at maximum places we need to communicate in English. So, learning and speaking English has immense importance.