Rephy's mission?


Rephy is a research institute and it is established with a dream to make every human being physically strong, mentally sound, economically prosperous and spiritually at higher consciousness. To recognise problems and giving solutions for overall development of everyone, we have been doing research for last 19 years. Because we cannot solve those problems without knowing them. In our research we found very interesting facts about human mind and its behavior with the help of this fact we have developed many solutions and started few missions to solve these problems.

To fulfill our dreams, we have started

(i)Economic Development Mission by Rephy

(ii)Personality Development Mission by Rephy

(iii)SQ Development Mission by Rephy

If we observe, we can easily understand that difference between a great person and a common man is in their personality. Because, you will find that there are many people who are more handsome than great people, there are many people who are more intelligent than great people & there are many people are more physically strong than great people. Still why these great people are so successful and why are they so great? The only reason is their personality i.e. thought process. So, this is well known fact that personality is a major cause behind everyone's success and this fact is expressed by many great psychologists, scientists and philosophers. So, if we can transform personality then this will ultimately result into more successful people. So, we have started a mission for transforming personalities.

One of our divisions Rephy Corporate Training Centre is working effortlessly for this mission. Under this we are conducting many training programs for overall development of people and these trainings are showing amazing results. We have transformed personalities of many trainees and now they are achieving greater things in their life.

If we observe around us, we will find that there are many businesses unable to do up to the mark or achieve 100% they expect. Why is it so? In our research we found the underutilization or lack of proper utilization of resources is the main reason for their underperformance. These organizations, firms & individuals are unable to utilize their resources successfully up to 100%. Nowadays, all over the world, businesses are using IT & Business Solutions (software) for automation. These automations ultimately result into maximum utilization of their human resource and other resources, too. At the same time digital technology opens whole world for them. They are selling their products and services all over the world. But if you are not using software and digital technologies for your business this will ultimately result into underperformance or failure. In our research we tried to find why people are not using IT and business solutions. And we realised that reasons behind this are (1) lack of awareness and (2) cost of IT & business solutions. So for filling this gap we have started a mission to make every business digital and fully equipped with IT & Business Solutions (software), under our division Rephy Softech. We are a software and business solution development company, where we are providing many IT and business solutions to people at very affordable prices. These affordable products are encouraging businesses to buy them & make them fully equipped with IT & Business Solutions. Due to this many people have come by our business solutions (software) and now they are coming up in the world. Due to this more and more people are connecting to us and they are enjoying benefits of our services.


We have observed if a person is well aware and have higher consciousness, this result into better family life, better society, better country and ultimately better world. Hence, we have started Rephy SQ Club for elevating people for higher consciousness.